Commercial System

Commercial System is a larger Solar Panel System that is designed for businesses that are looking to cut electricity costs. This system has the design and capability to absorb and retain a much higher amount solar energy for a large business. Your business will have the ability to cut electricity costs anywhere from 75-100 percent with these larger high power solar panels.

Residential System

Residential System is the standard unit for a family. It has the power and capability to reduce a family’s light bill from up to 75 percent or more.

Our Services Include:

  • Photovoltaic systems
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on all solar panels
  • Wind turbine systems
  • Off-Grid Solar Generators
  • Battery Back-Up Systems

Our Company Provides:

  • Experience and quality
  • Completed and filed Vinlec paperwork
  • 3 Year Installation Warranty
  • System maintenance at nominal cost
  • Comprehensive system sizing to meet your consumption needs
  • Guarantee a 75% light bill reduction with a customized system sizing
  • Financing available